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Alkaş Consulting provides innovative and visionary services to commercial and mixed-use projects of investors and developers who want to add value to real estate.

Alkaş Consulting has knowledge of Shopping Center Leasing Management, Marketing, Reporting, Facility Management Consultancy and Expansion Strategies of Retail Brands.


Commercial Real Estate Concept Consultancy

Alkaş Consulting has the vision of following glocal trends and integrating them into the projects.

  • Preparation of master plan
  • Separation from the competition and strengthening the position in the market
  • Adaptation of international examples to the project
  • Determination of the ideal square meter and unit distribution of commercial units
  • Development commercial productivity-enhancing proposals and coordination of related disciplines
  • Creation of brand mix and revenue forecast
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Commercial Leasing

Alkaş Consulting uses its connections and global market knowledge to create a suitable National and International brand mix for the targeted visitor profile; that is specific to the concept of the project/real estate location.

  • Creation of the ideal leasing calendar
  • Improvement and development of brand mix according to market conditions
  • Detecting alternative tenants according to the brand mix
  • Preparation of feasibility according to the brand mix
  • Developing productivity -enhancing suggestions
  • Preparation of the project promotion kit for potential tenants
  • Manage/ evaluation of negotiations and agreements
  • Make leasings to create maximum turnover performance
  • Orientation of the legal team for the preparation of lease contracts
  • Optimization of operational processes after leasing
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Turkish / International Brand Expansion

Alkaş Consulting provides consultancy services regarding the expansion strategies of brands in the relevant markets with its national and international relations network.

  • Identification of the relevant commercial real estate market
  • Creating strategies according to the concepts and requirements of the brands
  • Determination of potential locations (projects/shopping streets) suitable for the strategy created
  • Providing all necessary details about potential locations
  • Pursuing leasing processes
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Capital Markets & Real Estate Sales / Acquisition

Alkaş Consulting has the ability to bring together suitable buyers and sellers for relevant real estate.

Seller's Side

  • Collecting offers by negotiating with potential buyers
  • Evaluation of offers and determination of the best bidder
  • Supporting the execution of the preliminary protocol with the selected - Orientation of the development of contracts

Buyer's Side

  • Making market research according to the interested type of real estate
  • Creating a list of potential real estates
  • Conducting negotiations with related real estates
  • Carrying out the necessary process for the signing of the contract
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