Avi Alkaş

Avi Alkaş

Alkaş & Han Spaces

Our aim is to understand our customers needs and expectations in the best possible way/ideally in order to provide the custom-tailored solutions and value propositions thru the optimal channels; by creating a synergy with the strengths of all our companies.


Established in 1997 by Avi Alkaş, Alkaş aims to provide service to Shopping Center and Retail industry in

  • Project development
  • Leasing
  • Management

The company which was established with sustainable and innovative consultancy values from past to present, transferred its leasing and management experiences to JLL Türkiye after Avi Alkaş accepted the Chairman role in JLL in January 2007.

In 2010, Alkaş Retail expanded and redefined its services with the "Synergy of Services" motto continuing to serve the Retail and Real Estate industries with its expertise. In January 2021, Avi Alkaş completed his terms as JLL Chairman, resumed on the active company presidency of Alkaş Retail Services by adding consultancy to the company portfolio.